Hai Tien Lo

Hai Tien Lo was my 2nd Chinese restaurant visit during Restaurant Week Mar 14. I’ve previously visited Hai Tien Lo many years ago when they were located at top floor in Pan Pacific. They have now shifted to Level 3 within the same hotel.

While the new space no longer offers panoramic view of Singapore skyline, its decoration has a Chinese yet trendy vibe. Behind the reception counter was a full length wall cabinet which resembles those found in traditional Chinese medicine halls. There was a spacious waiting area with long sofas for guests right in front of the reception area.

For RW they have prepared a $35++ per pax 3-course dinner menu. We were seated at a table facing the atrium of the hotel. They offered complimentary caramelized honey walnuts as appetizer before the meal and I ordered a pot of Chinese tea while waiting for my guest to arrive. However to my surprise after some time they began serving the first course without checking with me whether it is ok to start my meal. Luckily my guest was already reaching the restaurant and didn’t have to withhold the 2nd course.

Hai Tien Lo_01
First course was Hai Tien Lo Trio of Treasures Crispy Prawn tossed in Sesame Sauce, Sliced Barbecued Beijing Duck with Jelly Fish and Pan-fried Scallop with Minced Green Ginger. The Beijing Duck was awesome, crispy crackling skin with juicy tender meat. The prawn was fresh and chewy. I enjoyed pairing the scallops with the XO sauce condiment on the table. The XO sauce condiment was really tasty and it goes well with the fried rice in the 2nd course too!

The 2nd course was Chinese Style Boneless Chicken in Chef’s Special Homemade Sauce accompanied with Wok-fried Rice with Crab Meat and Eggs White. The chicken was tender and well-matched with the slightly sweet & spicy gravy.

Ended our meal with Chilled Crystal Jelly with Grass Jelly and Lemon Smoothies. The lemon smoothies was somewhat like sorbet but it was over frozen. Seemed like they had earlier scooped it out and then re-froze it. We had a hard time trying to carve the smoothie into smaller bits.

The whole dinner service was super efficient and we completed our meal in 30 mins. When we asked for the bill we were surprised to see the tea cost $6++per pax. No doubt it was free flow, but at another Chinese restaurant we had during RW, we were only charged $6++ in total. Somehow if I was charged $6 for the walnut appetizer probably I wouldn’t be so upset…

My experience here was slightly different from the dinner I had the day before at the other Chinese restaurant. The food here was pretty impressive but the service was a far cry from the other hotel. *Nope…they didn’t offer complimentary parking coupon here*

[Updates on 22nd Dec 15]

Haven’t been to Hai Tien Lo for quite sometime. Was around the area when we decided to drop by for a nice chinese meal. The restaurant was celebrating 10 years anniversary and had a 6-course set menu “A Glorious Decade – Chef Lai Tong Ping’s Handcrafted Creations”.

Prelude to Gastronomy DiscoveryBraised Homemade Beancurd with minced pork and pine mushrooms in Chef’s Signature XO Chilli sauce, , Sliced Barbecued Duck and Shredded Jelly Fish and Crispy Prawn in Sesame Sauce Indeed the duck and sesame prawn were signature item which I had tried during the Restaurant Week menu.

Hai Tien Lo_02

Soul Food Braised Fish Maw with Dried Scallop in Supreme Chicken Stock a nutritious soup packed with collagen =)

The Perfect PairingSea Perch Fillet Two Ways I preferred the steamed version as it the sauce was light and I could taste the natural flavour of the fish.

Hai Tien Lo_03

Understated Sophistication – Braised Pork Ribs with Preserved Vegetables and Deep-fried Buns This was the most disappointing dish and I didn’t enjoy the sweet & sour gravy.

A Class ActWok-fried noodles with Sea Cucumber and Scallop This was one of the runner-up for best dish of the night (first was the starters). The fish noodles were silky smooth and enriched with the light char. The broth used was also packed with seafood flavours which made this such an amazing dish.

Sweet FinishChef’s Signature Dessert – Mango Sago, Osmanthus Jelly with Wolfberries and Avocado Cream I had high hopes for the Avocado cream and the other place which I tasted this delicious dessert was Cherry Garden.  It was indeed nicely done and I wished it was served in a larger portion~ The other 2 desserts were pretty standard.

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