Victor’s Kitchen

Chanced upon Victor’s Kitchen while exploring eateries in Sunshine Plaza. For me I am more familiar with their neighbour – Parklane Zha Yun Tun Mee House (Fried Wanton Noodles) as have been visiting their other outlet which subsequently closed.

We saw long queues forming outside Victor’s Kitchen and were drawn to check them out. Realised that they specialised in Hong Kong Dim Sum with Liu Sha Bao (Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun) as their speciality dish. The buns were filled with flowy egg yolk and bursting with melted butter oil (which can be quite messy if not eaten carefully).

Victors Kitchen_01

Other dishes tried:

  • Scallop, Sausage Carrot Cake with XO Sauce – topped with spring onions, it tasted similar to Bowl Cakes or Wa Kueh. The carrot cake was smooth and soft, the XO sauce was tasty, no wonder there’s addition charges if you want to have extra helping of it.
  • Rosey Wine Yummy Char Siew Bun – yes, it has rosey wine in it…We didn’t noticed the word rosey wine when we place our order, but upon first bite I immediately tasted the unique aroma that resembles Bandung in the meat filling.
  • Victor’s King Prawn Dumpling, Tasty Queen Size Siew Mai and Char Siew Cheong Fun were pretty standard.
  • Crispy Golden Shrimp Rolls

There were a few more HK dim sum items on the list such as Glutinous Rice, Phoenix Claws, Spare Ribs w Black Bean Sauce etc.

It brought me back to the good old times whereby simple dim sum fares were served in casual coffeeshops instead of Chinese fine-dining Dim Sum Brunch Buffet commonly found in many 5 stars hotels nowadays.

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