Rong Guang BBQ Seafood

Somehow I had craving to eat Black Pepper Crayfish and the only stall I recall having eaten finger licking good one was Rong Guang BBQ Seafood (used to be in Alexandra Village) although their speciality was BBQ Sambal Stingray. The stall had subsequently moved from the hawker stall to a coffeeshop nearby but didn’t return to the upgraded hawker centre. *At the upgraded hawker centre, another stall took over named STAR Yong Kwang BBQ Seafood*

So where did the original stall moved to? Turned out they shifted to Gluttons Bay next to Esplanade Mall. I dropped by to order takeaway only to be disappointed to know that they no longer sells Black Pepper Crayfish – the lady said they were not allowed to sell it anymore. She didn’t offer any alternatives so I looked at the array of seafood on display thinking of what else to order and saw Crayfish on one of the plates. So I asked “But isn’t that Crayfish? So its not allowed to sell Crayfish or only Black Pepper one?”. The lady said they only sell Spicy & Sour Crayfish so I had to settle for that and my usual Sambal Stingray.

Endured the messy ordering system – 1 person write down order on a form, hand it over to me and asked me to go to the “no queue system” payment at the cashier. Finally paid and stood by the side for 20 mins before getting my food. Somehow after the unpleasant experience, witnessing the messy service and collection of food orders for those eating at the open-air sit down area, I knew that Murphy’s Law might be on my plate…

Rong Guang BBQ

My 6th sense was pretty accurate…my Crayfish order became Prawns when I opened the box…Not only that the Prawns weren’t succulent, the flesh was slightly mushy and were crumbly…

The Stingray meat was slightly dry and the bones of the stingray fall apart when I attempt to separate the meat from it…

I’m so disappointed with the stall that I had known for so long. The quality had deteriorated to that which is probably acceptable only to lure Tourists’ money?

Guess I need to source around for other quality BBQ seafood stall to satisfy my Sambal Stingray cravings in future…


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