Ban Heng @ Boon Keng

Ban Heng Group of Restaurants has several outlets in Singapore and I’ve visited the HarbourFront one for set meal and now the Boon Keng one for their ala carte buffet. I find that the quality of food at Boon Keng is better than the HarbourFront one.

The ala carte buffet at Boon Keng requires minimum of 4 pax and reservation is recommended as when we were there, the restaurant was almost 80% full. Of cos you get to try more variety if there’s more people going for the buffet. The restaurant also offers non-buffet menu option.

The buffet has total of 12 categories from appetizers, soup, meat, seafood, vegetable etc. to desserts. We tried 3 Appetizers, 1 Soup, 1 Deep Fried You-Teow with Salad, 2 Chicken dishes, 2 Fishes: Steamed & Fried, 2 Duck dishes, 2 Prawn dishes, 1 Pork dish, 1 Venison, 1 Bean curd dish, 2 Vegetable dishes and Desserts.

Of which I was most impressed with their Braised Sliced Goose Meat in Teochew Style, Smoked Slice Goose Meat, Pan-Fried Prawns with Soya Sauce and Steamed Fish. Didn’t get to snap photos of all. The braised goose was tender and soft, prawns were fresh with firm flesh.

As the restaurant was pretty full, there were several dishes which were left out from our order and we had to keep reminding the staff to serve the missing dishes. While some dishes ordered by other tables got served to us…

Other than the slightly messy order tracking system,  service wise was pretty ok. The staff would offer to replace our individual plates when they saw that it was filled with prawn shells and try to re-fill our teas.

Its a value-for-money ala carte buffet in an “old-school” Chinese restaurant.

Ban Heng_01

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