The Bravery Cafe

The Bravery Cafe wasn’t very high on my To-Visit list as they were by the folks behind The Plain which I had visited before. I guess the food & drinks should be about the same hence didn’t make my way to The Bravery Cafe until now.

Went during lunch as the jie-mei colleagues said they were not that hungry after snacking cupcakes in the morning, so I suggested to go for light snacks & coffee.

From the simple and inconspicuous exterior facade, I guessed normal passerby wouldn’t noticed that this is a cafe. One of the jie-meis excitedly snapped photos of the shop front while we wondered “Where is the entrance?“. We saw a blue door at the side which leads to the stairway lobby, cut through and eventually found a door linked to the cafe. When we swung the door opened, the staff inside had a shock and then said with a chuckle “This is the back door“.  Nonetheless we were shown to a table and handed the menu.

Upon seated, we realised that the entrance door to the cafe was the panel with a different colour board, it was well integrated with the remaining panels. And we also realised that from inside, the staff could see us clearly when the jie-mei was happily snapping photos of the shopfront before we disappeared and “barged” in from the back door! No wonder the staff gave a chuckle when he saw us! haha…

The Bravery Cafe

I had the Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon along with Lavender Latte. The yolk of the poached eggs weren’t runny enough for me, the yolks were already semi-solidified leaving only the centre slightly runny. But a nice find was the soothing, aromatic and creamy Lavender Latte. Lavender has calming properties while caffeine is a stimulant, its interesting to see them being blended together. Its a unique drink which I enjoyed a lot, I’m not sure if I’ll be feeling energised or in a cool & relaxed state when I get back to office later? =P

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