Majestic Restaurant

I’ve been wanting to try Majestic Restaurant for some time but somehow was under wrong the impression that they don’t serve set lunch on weekends. Chanced upon their website again recently and saw that the set lunch was available on Sundays as well, so we went to try it out.

Majestic Restaurant_01

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we saw that there was another set lunch promotion under Citibank credit card at $68 per person (min 2 persons). We settled for the 5-course menu with credit card promo.

Majestic Restaurant_02Starter was a combination of lychee siew mai and sliced peking duck with mixed fruits salad.  The outer layer of the siew mai was coated with a thin batter and stir-fried (akin to sweet & sour pork) with refreshing taste of lychee. The peking duck was crispy and even had a crackling sound when I took a bite.

There were 2 choices for soup: braised majestic claypot shark’s fin soup with crabmeat and double-boiled sea treasures soup with abalone and black truffle. The double-boiled soup was light and filled with nutritious Chinese herbs.

Majestic Restaurant_03

For the third course the options were pan seared ribeye in homemade sesame dressing and grilled hungary mangalitza pork chop with truffle salt. The thinly sliced pan seared ribeye was ultra tender and juicy. I swear that my eyes lit up in amazement after my first chew. It was absolutely fantastic. The pork chop was also pretty tender but nothing beats the ribeye.

After the delightful ribeye, I bore high hopes for the stewed boston lobster noodles with ginger and spring onions. Unfortunately this dish was a slight disappointment. I felt that the noodles were too gluey and starchy.

For desserts we were allowed to choose any item from the dessert list, so we ordered a cold item: crispy durian ice-cream and a warm item: double-boiled tian shan snow fruit with dried longan and snow fungus.

The crispy durian ice-cream was awesome. The durian ice cream was dipped and covered with a light batter (similar to those used for banana fritter) and fried. The exterior was crispy and hot while the interior was the cold durian ice cream. The warm dessert was pretty standard.

Overall this was a really unique modern-Chinese restaurant offering quality food.

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