The Clan Restaurant [Relocated]

Have long heard about The Clan Restaurant, received their flyer when they first opened. What took me so long before visiting them? Perhaps that fact that its housed in the GAN clan association building made this place seemed rather exclusive, along with their simplistic black & white signage which made them feel rather “cold”. Actually I literally felt cold when inside the restaurant as we were seated right opposite the aircon unit right in the path of the draft. Didn’t request for table change as we went in without reservation, the service staff initially told us that they are fully booked but then allowed us to be seated.

Due to the coldness of the draft, I requested for warm water but was advised that the water cost $2.50 and would be more worthy to get the bottled still water which can be served at room temperature that cost $8. I forgot that since the still water has been in the cold aircon room, the room temperature water turned out rather cool…

Was served palate cleanser – lime sorbet very promptly. We took our time to browse through the ala carte menu and the service staff was quick to remind us to finish up the sorbet before it melts.

We settled for the Cepes Mushroom w Truffle Paste and Tempura Espuma Soft Shell Crab w Homemade Citrus Sauce. The soup was rich & creamy, pretty standard of good quality restaurants. Enjoyed the fritter-liked crispy espuma soft shell crab.  

The Clan_01The highlight of our meal had to be the Prime Beef Short Ribs on Hoba Leaf w Peppercorn Sauce on Lava Stone. The ultra tender pinkish marbled beef was heavenly and I’ll order it again in a heartbeat when I’m back next time.

Green Lobster Crustacean Oil Pasta was the other main that we tried. Service staff was attentive to inform us that they’ll be using fettuccine and not spaghetti for the dish. The lightly seasoned dish brought out the freshness of the lobster meat.  

Ended our meal with Chocolate Lava w Homemade Gelato as recommended by the staff. The lava cake was nice and the relatively small portion allowed us to enjoy the dessert without feeling too overwhelmed by the rich chocolate filling. 

Serving of food was pretty fast and we completed our meal in 45 mins. The odd thing was the dining hall at Level 1 was still relatively empty at 7.15pm when we left, maybe most of the guests are coming in later? We however saw larger group of guests ushered to the 2nd level.

As we were seated near the kitchen, there was a lot of activity – with the staff moving around to collect the dishes. I would have enjoyed my meal more if the aircon was not blowing at me, don’t feel rushed to quickly finish our meal and at an area which is further away from the kitchen.

We went for ala carte as we weren’t exactly hungry. But do go for the 6-course set dinner which is definitely more worthy as its quite reasonably priced and provides for a fuller meal.

[Updates on Jul 15]

The Clan has relocated to No.1 Selegie Road, PoMo #02-01/08 Singapore 188306

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