Cafe Pho Co, Hanoi

Our 2nd stop for our street food tour is to visit Cafe Pho Co near Hoan Kiem Lake. Without prior research, I believe it would be difficult to notice the hidden shop. The signboard is sandwiched between 2 bigger boards of shops along the ‘silk street’. We entered the tiny alley which was rather dim and walked for a short distance before we see the courtyard. There is even a small parking space available, we witnessed someone rode a motorbike in through the tiny alley.

Placed order at the first storey and collected our drinks before making our way upstairs. First up the straight flight of stairs, where the 2nd floor had a big altar like a Chinese temple then navigate up the spiral metal staircase to reach the seating area. But wait, we discovered that there is another flight of stairs leading to rooftop.

Cafe Pho Co_01

We settled down on the sheltered rooftop to take in the panoramic view of Hoan Kiem Lake and enjoyed our drinks. We wanted to try the caphe trung da (coffee with egg white) but was told no egg that day… =(

So we tried a iced coffee with condensed milk and a iced coffee with yoghurt. The iced coffee with yoghurt was pretty special. An interesting mixture of bitter strong coffee with mild sourness.

Cafe Pho Co_02

I think other than the view, the Oriental decoration of the place made it a unique cafe.

Cafe Pho Co
11 Hang Gai

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