I’m pretty attracted to joints that allow customers to face the kitchen counter & serves tapas dishes. Hence made my way to Lolla at Club Street after seeing rather good reviews of the eatery.

Being huge seafood lovers, we checked off every single dish under their “Seafood” category. Starting with the Sea Urchin Pudding the soft & silky pudding had strong umami, topped with fresh uni. A unique dish. Followed by the Hokkaido scallop carpaccio fresh scallop seasoned with olive oil and sea salt(?). Fresh ingredient but pretty ordinary compared to the Sea Urchin Pudding that left a lasting impression on us earlier.

My favourite dish for the night was the Tuna Belly “chutoro” tartare, I can’t get enough of it! I’m sure I can finish another portion of it if we had asked for a 2nd serving. I particularly like the dressing used, I’m guessing that there was white miso paste in it. The size of the tuna cubes were perfectly cut to accentuate the texture of the chutoro.


The next dish was erroneously presented to us. We had ordered the Spanish tortilla with smoked eel but they prepared Scrambled eggs with Bottarga di Muggine instead. Chef told us that we can have it and they’ll prepare the correct dish again for us. The scrambled eggs had very light and airy texture with rich and creamy taste. I found it a little too gelard for me after a while.


The final seafood dish was Grilled Octopus. Thinly sliced octopus sprinkled with paprika, topped chives and a dash of zesty lime juice. The way it was prepared was a bit different from what we expected. The octopus wasn’t as chewy as I thought, it was softer and I didn’t really taste the “char” from grilling.

Finally our Spanish tortilla with smoked eel came. In fact, we smelled it even before it reached our table. This egg dish was also light and airy, not as densely filled with potato as what I had before. The savory smoked eel helped to break the gelardness of the dish.

We paired our meal with a carafe of Thevenet & Fils, Macon-Villages. It was a good Chardonnay which went well with seafood.

If we hadn’t got the additional scrambled eggs, we could possibly have stomach space to try their desserts. Unfortunately we were too full to give it a go.

I would love to return to enjoy the Sea Urchin Pudding and Tuna Belly “chutoro” tartare, but only sparingly, as I find the food here rather costly compared to other joints of similar nature.

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