Rolling Rice Singapore

Rolling Rice, a Korean franchise eatery opened its first outlet in Singapore. Its occupying a unit at basement of The Central. As it is a casual eatery (not restaurant), one has to place order at the counter and collect an electronic number beacon. When the beacon vibrates, then we had to self-service and collect the food when its ready.

For me, the greatest find at Rolling Rice was the bottled Corn Tea. It has strong roasted flavour akin to brown rice tea.

The set meal menu here seemed kinda confusing at first sight, with the A+B, B+C etc. Took a while to figure it out. There’s simply too many combinations available.

End up with Set Meal of Shrimp Kimbap (seaweed rice roll) + Rolling Topokki (rice cake) + tea. And ala carte Seafood Spicy Ramen and Spicy Rolling Chicken (bite size all meat fried chicken, spicy sauce).

Other than the topokki which I find slightly disappointing, the other items were all pretty well done. Perhaps due to the way it was sliced, it became a bit too thin resulting in lack of texture when I chewed on them. The sauce used was also slightly watery, I prefer it to be more thick.

Spicy Seafood Ramen soup stock was flavoursome and spicy. Shiok~ Fried chicken in bite size was convenient to eat, and the sauce drizzled over the fried chicken was sweet & spicy.

Rolling rice_01

The food portions here are not huge, set meal is just nice for OLs who wants to eat more variety but less in quantity.

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