Chef Yamashita

What?! Another shop?” was my first reaction when I read about Chef Yamashita who opened his own shop in Tanjong Pagar Plaza. Because Chef Yamashita was ex-boss of Glace Patisserie and Flor Patisserie.

Anyway since its just a stone’s throw away, I dropped by one afternoon to grab some cakes. The shop is located on 2nd floor of Tanjong Pagar Plaza, not a place with high traffic. However at 2pm+, there’s a queue to purchase the cakes, waited for about 10 mins to get mine. Therefore I reckon that most customers are followers of chef.

Several customers were there to collect their pre-ordered cakes. BTW, there’s 10% discount off whole cakes till 30 Jun 14.

Unlike Flor which is also a cafe, the space here is just for collection and takeways, no dining-in area.

Tried their Signature Cake: Luna Wrap at special price of $5.90 each (UP is $6.30). Bought them in Mango and Ichigo flavours. Other flavours include: Plain, Macha, Banana & Caramel, Choco, Blueberry. Its like a soft pan-cake wrapped in fresh cream and topped with fruits.

Chef Yamashita_01

Other cakes tried: Rikyu and Mt Fuji ($6.80 each).  I enjoyed the green tea meringue at the base of the green tea cake. Didn’t really enjoy Mt Fuji, the chestnut taste seemed a bit odd to me at first bite.

Some of the popular cakes at Flor & Glace are also available here: Strawberry Short Cake, Mille Feuille.

[Updates on 24th Jun 14]

Ringo Pie Rich almond butter sponge with imported Japanese Apples.

Chef Yamashita_02

[Updates in Jan-Mar 15]

Sake Soy bean mousse with berries topped with sake jelly  A unique cooling dessert~

Mango Pudding Handmade mango pudding with aloe vera.

Chef Yamashita_03

[Updates on 17th Oct 15]

There are always cakes/desserts which I’ve yet to try at Chef Yamashita. Here’s the Pudding a la mode Handmade caramel pudding with custard cream & fresh cream and Framboise Raspberry mousse with NAMA chocolate inside.

Chef Yamashita_04

[Updates on 23rd Dec 17]

Sweet Noel log cake was well-received by the party guests. =)

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