Char [Relocated]

Read about Char for their signature Char Siew that is caramelised like the famous KL one (Oversea Restoran), so went to try them out.

The place was still packed when we arrived at around 8.00pm and had to queue for an available table. While browsing the menu, I was surprised to know that they offer a selection of bottled craft beers. What a nice combination, great char siew with beer.

We ordered a triple roast combi – chose Char Siew, Crispy Pork Belly and Roast Duck. Spicy 4 Seasons Beans and 2 beers – St Bernadus Witbier and Dr Thirsty.


The staff were so busy that we waited 20 mins for our beer to be served…luckily the food was served soon after. The char siew was soft and covered with the sweet caramelised sauce, but the meat was a little too moist for my liking. The skin of the pork belly was crusty and they provided a mustard dip to go with the pork belly. The most disappointing roast was the duck…it was nothing close to Cantonese roast duck style. The meat was a little dry and tough. The skin wasn’t crispy. The vegetable was acceptable though it was rather ordinarily plain.

We enjoyed the 2 beers, the Dr Thirsty being sweet and fruity while St Bernardus Witbier was a good equivalent of Hoegaarden.

As the place had rather limited tables, it would be difficult to accommodate large group. Even if they accept advanced reservations, it’s kinda awkward to table-hog for those after-meal chit chats with the line of people waiting in the queue at the chairs lining the side of the eatery.

I wouldn’t mind visiting them again to have the Char Siew if I’m around the area but wouldn’t make my way specially there in future.

[Update in Feb 2016]

Char has relocated to a shophouse unit in Jalan Besar! Yippee…Have been there for lunch since its more accessible for me now. The new place also has a bigger seating capacity although we still had to wait for a table during lunch time.

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