Togi Korean Restaurant (Chinatown)

Togi Korean Restaurant was a recommendation by my colleagues who used to visit them when their office was around the Chinatown area. They went there for lunch in large group and were able to share and taste many dishes as the food portion were pretty huge.

I visited the restaurant one evening when the place popped up as I thinking of where to go for dinner while passing by Chinatown. Predictably the place was still packed at 8.30pm and we waited for around 15 mins outside the entrance before we got our table. Heard they don’t accept reservation at this outlet but apparently do so for their 2nd outlet at TripleOne Somerset – which offers a better overall dining experience as the place is newer and more spacious.

The free-flow side dishes were served promptly, the colourful display alone was appealing enough to whet my appetite.  Other than the red hot coloured Kimchi, my attention was also drawn to the the spicy ikan bilis. For those who can’t take spiciness, there’s the potato salad, pickled vegetable and yellow coloured dish (tasted like beancurd skin?) that were equally fantastic. The only side dish that I didn’t really enjoy was the soggy long bean…We munched down 2 bowls of the Kimchi and ikan bilis in a blitz while waiting for our dishes~

Togi Korean Restaurant_01

Eager to try a variety of dishes we ordered the Beef stew with mushroom and glass noodle, Spicy stir-fried Rice cake and Seafood Pancake. While I was mentally prepared that the portions would be huge, I didn’t expect the pancake to be humongous. The size was equivalent to a regular pizza. In addition the pancake was thick and fluffy hence it turned out to be very filling…only ate half of the pancake.

We managed to finish the savoury beef stew – this was the smallest portioned dish out of the 3 we ordered and the delicious rice cake. The rice cake was packed with spiciness and the rice cake was thick and chewy.

The Ginseng Chicken soup and the Spicy Seafood Stew looked like the other popular dishes at the eatery with many tables having them. Saw the lady boss topping up the soup constantly for the diners too. Will try to return (or visit the other outlet) to taste them if possible.

11 Mosque St
Singapore 059491

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