NamNam Noodle Bar

Finally decided to give NamNam Noodle Bar a try and I chose the outlet which had the least smell of the fish sauce lingering in the air – Plaza Singapura outlet. Arrived at 7.30pm and joined the queue. Actually despite the impression that they are always packed, the queue moved pretty fast and we observed that there are in fact available seats in the eatery.

After being shown to our table, we were told to place our order at the cashier using the order chit. We decided the try the Shrimp paste lemongrass skewer for starters, Pho Beef Combination for main, ending with the Fried banana sesame seed for dessert. Of cos not forgetting the iced Viet coffee with condensed milk.

NamNam Noodle Bar_01

The shrimp paste lemongrass skewer was ordinary, guess I tried better Thai versions. The pho had pinkish beef steak slices which was tender, beef balls that had quite a bit of the crunchy cartilage bones in it (that I didn’t like), beef shank, tendon and honeycomb tripe. The soup was flavoursome, with rice flour noodles that had just the right texture. I should have top-up my order with additional spring onions + white onions to make it closer to the version I had in Hanoi.

The coffee had less kick than the thick caffeine loaded version in Hanoi, but was good enough. Fried banana was served warm and with a crispy batter.

As NamNam is part of the Les Amis group, their quality is almost guaranteed. In addition the pricing of NamNam is extremely pocket friendly, therefore overall its highly value-for-money (in Singapore context) plus they don’t have service charge.

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