E-Sarn Thai Cuisine

Visited E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (Pasir Panjang outlet) for a family dinner. I wasn’t the one who made the reservation, so I was sent the location map and I simply followed directions to get to the place. It was only upon seated down and browsing through the menu then I realised that this eatery was also the stall operating inside Bar Bar Black Sheep at Robertson Quay! I haven’t been visiting Bar Bar Black Sheep since my office shifted out from CBD area…hence I was pretty excited to be able to enjoy their tasty clear seafood Tom Yum Soup and their crispy mini pandan chicken wings again.

This casual Thai eatery proven to be very popular in the area and it was packed with family crowd. The menu here is more extensive than the limited one inside Bar Bar, so I had the opportunity to try more dishes such as:

  • Sun-dried pork Deep-fried pork strips and lime leaves, served with spicy E-Sarn dipping sauce which I find was slightly tough
  • Mixed vegetables Stir-fried baby kai lan, cabbage, baby corn, carrots and mushrooms with oyster sauce and garlic
  • Grilled cuttlefish Served on a banana leaf with spicy and sour dipping sauce The cuttlefish was chewy had great texture. Goes very well with the greenish coloured dipping sauce. I wonder how many types of dipping sauces do they have cos seemed like they have a different dipping sauce for different dish.
  • Tang Hoon Claypot Prawns Pepper and coriander root-seasoned prawns with glass noodles, cooked in a traditional claypot I loved this dish, the tang hoon absorbed the savory stock and yet remained al-dente.
  • Pad Woon Sen Thai-styled fried tang hoon Nicely cooked as well, tang hoon can get burnt very easily if the wok is too hot but they did a good job.

E Sarn Thai_01

Ended our meal with a trio of desserts: Mango with Sticky Rice, Tapioca and Grass Jelly with Mango. Although I’m not a fan of tapioca cooked this way, I thought their version was pretty good. The glutinous rice for the mango was abit hard thou.

E-Sarn offers tasty and value-for-money Thai food cos the meal above for 5 pax easily cost the same as a meal for 2 pax at the other fine Thai restaurants that I’ve been to. Although as a casual eatery, the service and ambience is not comparable to the restaurants; but certainly for the pricing, the quality of food is better than the chain of restaurant specialising in Thai cuisine.

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