Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar [Closed]

Its mid-week, my mood for the day was “Let’s find somewhere that I can have a drink, with decent food.” After wandering around Suntec City without settling down on a place, we crossed over to Marina Square. That was how we came across Addictions Café & Remedy Bar. Obviously the name “Remedy Bar” was the keyword… Can’t help but had the tune of “Clarity” in my head repeatedly on the line “If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?”…In my case the lyrics was “Where are you, my remedy?” =)

My remedy for the day was Sweet Zephyr – A sweet gift for the joyful life with a fresh take for a boost of health Tequila, lychee liquor, lychee, mint. Our other remedy drink was Sanguine – A passionate drink for the cheerfully optimistic with a bite of tangy confidence Vodka, orange, mango, pineapple. After reading the descriptions of the drink I finally understood why they are called “remedy”…the descriptions were peppered with such uplifting words that it could blow all my blues away…

Addications Cafe & Remedy Bar_01

For food we had a set dinner which comprised of Soup of the Day, Seafood pasta and a coffee. Although the set was cheaper than the ala carte of Seafood pasta (which made it a good deal), sadly the pasta was pretty ho-hum. The coffee was pretty acidic… Luckily my ala carte dish of Braised Pork Belly with caramelized apple served with sautéed garlic “doamiao” & parmesan cheese fries compensated for the earlier disappointment. The pork belly was tender and when paired with the crunchy “doumiao”, helped to minimise the meatiness.

Ended our meal with sweet ending of Triple Crunchy Chocolate Cake.

Although the overall ambience and service was pretty average, I thought the place was lacking in character and didn’t have any distinct identity – except for the antler logo.

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