Cafe Oriental, Amara Singapore Hotel

I must have passed by this corner of Amara Hotel – Cafe Oriental countless times and never ever cross my mind to visit them. Key reason? The price…the cafe serves mainly local cuisines at Hotel price, so why would I pay to eat there when the same food is available across the street at Tanjong Pagar Hawker Centre at a quarter of the price?

This time I did…and I ordered Hokkien Mee that cost $18++. Somehow I had a strong urge to have hawker food at 9pm at night…whereby most stalls would be closed by then. And I realised that Cafe Oriental is opened 24 hours. I guess that could justify partly for the Hotel price…I think they are catered more for the hotel guests’ needs when they call for room service rather than walk-in guests. Even the chicken rice at the 5* hotel in Orchard cost ard $25…But then although the hokkien mee had 2 large succulent prawns, the noodles was way too salty…not up to the expectations of something served in a 4* hotel.

We had another Ginseng Chicken Set that cost $19.80++ that included a drink. As the Ginseng Chicken was a whole chicken, it seemed more worthy than the Hokkien Mee. The chicken was tender and soft. Soup was also pretty acceptable.

Cafe Oriental at Amara Hotel_01

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