Royal China @ Raffles, Singapore

Having visited Royal China in London a couple of years ago (see post), I hadn’t got the chance to visit their Singapore branch until now. The decoration of Royal China @ Raffles is totally different from the London one. The unique turquoise coloured paneling and columns made the place looked so dreamy when matched with the white chairs. I’ve known people who held their wedding there as well due to the romantic theme.

Would love to try their Dim Sum someday but visited them for dinner first. We tried a 5-course set dinner starting with Sliced Peking duck accompanied goose liver paste & home-made pancake. The sliced duck skin was crisp and I could hear the crackling sound upon my first bite. The pancake was thicker than the usual crepe used to wrap peking duck so the texture was more like “bun”, I chose not to eat it together with the duck skin otherwise it could have overshadowed the crispiness and flavour of the duck skin.

The Seafood Consomme served in Whole Mini Pumpkin was next. As someone who doesn’t fancy pumpkin, this dish surprised me. The pumpkin taste was pretty subtle and I was even scooping the soft and mushy pumpkin off the side while drinking the consomme.

Royal China Raffles_01

The third item was Pan-fried Sea Perch Fillet in Superior Soya Sauce, the fillet was nice though I would prefer if there was no batter over the fillet, but overall this dish was acceptable.

The next time was something I really look forward to trying – Chef’s Signature Live “Boston” Lobster Noodles with Ginger and Shallot Sauce. The lobster was lightly coated with a thin batter and fried before it was cooked with the shallot sauce.  Again, I would have preferred if it was done without the batter. The best version that I had ever tried so far was the one in London, at Mandarin Kitchen (it was located opposite Royal China London outlet). In Singapore the best that I tried so far was the one at Jade Restaurant in Fullerton Hotel.

Finished the meal with Chrysanthemum Apple Jelly with diced aloe vera accompanied Chilled Glutinous Rice Ball with cream & fresh fruits. The jelly was refreshing and the glutinous rice ball (similar to mochi texture) had a very thin skin wrapping the light and fluffy cream filling.

Took the opportunity to enquire about their lunch and dim sum menu as the information was not available on their website. I had the impression that the dim sum was only available on weekends but actually it is available daily. Will give it a try soon.

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