Bedrock Bar & Grill

Bedrock Bar & Grill had been in my “To Eat” list for quite a while, finally made my way to visit them. The bar area outside the restaurant was usually quite empty, but when we made our way into the main hall, we realised that it was rather full even on a weekday.

Once inside, we walked through a dark-wood paneled hallway and an open-kitchen top before reaching the main hall.  We were shown to the booth seats which was great, it offers more privacy than the open table seats that were arranged in close proximity.

Started our meal with home-made bread with butter and roasted garlic. The bread was served warm and soft with great texture. I would love to have more of the bread if not for the need to save some space for the meat.

For starters we had Broiled Sea Scallops jamon iberico confit, pinot noir reduction, drawn butter. The scallops weren’t as succulent and juicy as I expected, but the dish was well-executed with the scallops nicely seared.

Bedrock Bar & Grill_01

We requested for the Bedrock Pepper Steak 300g, cab of ribeye, black peppercorn sauce to be served in 2 portions, so the piece in the pix is only half. Served on the cast iron pan, I luv the pinkish centre with the dark grilled outer crust. The black peppercorn was served separately, so we get to taste the original flavour of the meat. The steak was firm and juicy with a nice bite. Easily the best steak I ever had in Singapore. Paired the steak with Banfi, “Col Di Sasso” Toscana I.G.T Italy the oaky and complex Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese goes well with the meat. The other wine we had – Domain Chandon, Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia was too light to go with the meat. Anyway Chandon is still better known for their sparkling wine.

I was enjoying my meat so much that I forgot to take a pix of the side dish. The range of side dishes here was excellent, we were lost of choices but I had a strong urge to eat fries so we chose the most simple item. But if I have the luxury of stomach space I would probably want to try their mac n cheese, grilled baby cos and sauteed mushrooms.

Not forgetting to end our meal with sugar rush from Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich buttermilk waffle, double scoop honey & fig ice cream.

Bedrock is easily my favourite amongst the other “branded” steak chain establishments in Singapore. Would be glad to return in a heartbeat~

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