Teppei Japanese Restaurant – Lunch Takeaway

For those people who don’t want to spend effort in securing the hard to get reservation (at least 3 mths in advanced now compared to 3 weeks when I last asked them more than 1 yr ago), you may consider visiting Teppei Japanese Restaurant during lunch time. They don’t accept reservations for lunch hence it’s purely based on walk-in queue. Heard that it is easier to get a seat from 1.30-2pm when the lunch crowd is over. The catch? They don’t serve the omakase, only limited selection of set meals available.

It was on a Saturday afternoon that I decided to go and try my luck at the eatery at around 1.45pm. Unfortunately there was still a queue… doesn’t seemed too long actually. I quietly joined the queue behind a cluster of people standing in front of the shop. No movement at all after 5 mins, nobody came out to ask for number of pax although there seems to be empty seats in Hana-Hana (the new extended shop by Teppei but specialising in kushiyaki). I saw people in Hana-hana eating don that look like from Teppei too. Not sure if we can cross order the items?

Decided to skip the queue by asking for takeaway cos of the unbearably hot weather. Ended up with Bara Chirashi and Mixed Tempura bento.

After placing the takeaway order, miracle happened… The queue for dining in started moving… The first 2 people in the line turned out to have total of 4 pax in their party and they were seated. The 2nd cluster of people in line asked for seats for 5 and requested to be seated together. The staff then skipped that group and went on to ask if there’s any group in pair to take the available seats. One couple went in. Thereafter another guy, solo diner was also ushered in to the Hana-Hana counter seats… All these happened while I was waiting for my takeaway food!!! Argh… If I had known that those people in front were large group I would have waited a while more in the queue… Not fated to eat at Teppei…

Here’s the takeaway bento sets:


I’m not sure how much the takeaway differs from eating it in the eatery, but the Bara Chirashi that received raving reviews was so-so to me…Tempura wasn’t as crispy and the batter was not as light as I would like it to be…

After this episode, I don’t think I would take the effort to make a reservation 3 months in advance at Teppei…When I was at the eatery, a notice was pasted on the glass panel stating reservations for Oct-Dec will start on 3rd Aug 10am.

Even 3 Michelin starred restaurants only need 1 month advanced reservations…

1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel
Singapore 078867
Tel: 62227363

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