Kimchi Korean Restaurant

First noticed Kimchi Korean Restaurant when I was at Suntec attending a Conference a few months ago. I remembered the eatery when I was in Suntec looking for dinner options. The restaurant was spacious and modern looking. More importantly, there was no greasy smoke filling the shop despite it being a BBQ place.

One thing to note about the appetizers (Banchan) here is it is not free-flow. You have to place order for them and it cost $1 per dish (non-refillable). We tried 3 out of the 6 options: Namul, Anchovy and Kimchi. I must say I would prefer that they provide them free-flow and we could choose whatever we wanted…The portions for $1 was kinda steep…

Kimchi Korean Restaurant_01

For BBQ we ordered the Chef’s recommendation of Marinated Wagyu Beef Short Rib. The ribs were tender and chewy, not bad. The mushrooms and prawns were so-so.

Thankfully the other cooked dishes were pretty enjoyable, Tofu Soup and Dduk Bok Gi . The tofu soup was filled with seafood ingredients and was pretty savory.

Service wise was a bit uncoordinated. They left out our appetizers, that only came after we asked about it when we finished our BBQ and Tofu Soup…Our tea was also served much later.

I wouldn’t mind returning to have a quick cooked meal but probably not their BBQ.

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