Sin Lee Foods

Sin Lee Foods occupies the tiny coffeeshop that used to house the famous Lor Mee stall in Bukit Ho Swee. My parents used to bring me to visit the Lor Mee stall when I was young. I hadn’t been to the place for a long time since. When I heard about Sin Lee Foods occupying the space of the former Lor Mee stall, I knew exactly where it is located. The block of HDB was sitting atop a small hill, not easily accessible though its a short walk from Tiong Bahru MRT station.

From afar, its easy to spot the shop as they have an extended outdoor seating area outside the unit with black & white blinds installed. I reached at close to 4pm and found the indoor area fully occupied. We had to settle for the outdoor seats amidst the slightly warm weather, luckily there were several fans installed to help combat the heat.

Sin Lee Foods_01

Ordered Iced Tea and Iced Mocha to quench our thirst before browsing through the single page food menu. Chose “The One & Only” Sin Lee’s Fried Chicken & Waffle Juicy boneless chicken leg, cheddar iron waffle, house slaw & melted maple butter.   I’ve always wondered how the waffle that is typically paired with sweet treats can be paired with savory food item. I enjoyed the items individually, fried chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, waffle was the more flour type (instead of the crispy type), loved the melted maple butter; but don’t catch the logic behind the fried chicken & waffle combi. For those old enough to recall, many years ago, when we order KFC set, the fried chicken comes with a side dish “bun”. Perhaps the waffle was used to replace the “bun” in this revamped version at Sin Lee?

Sin Lee Foods_02

We also tried the Mac & Cheese Bechamel, Trio of cheese & Crisp bread crumbs. Pretty simple dish, nothing special. Would love to try the Spam Fries as well but were too full already.

For those who specially make their way down to try Sin Lee, don’t raise your hopes too high. No doubt, the cafe serve rather decent food but you might find that its not worth the effort to travel to the slightly inaccessible place to try them out.

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