Wheeler’s Yard

Sometime back, Wheeler’s Yard was still a simple bicycle shop, purely doing retail of bikes, they haven’t obtained their F&B license to operate a cafe. That was when I first knew the place. Now Wheeler’s Yard cafe theme has grown so iconic that many cafes have mounted bicycles on the walls of their shops as a decorative centerpiece, in an attempt to replicate the vibe?

Wheelers Yard_01

Visited Wheeler’s Yard in the evening after work, the place is pretty inaccessible for those who drive but rather convenient for those who cycles along the Whampoa River Canal park connector.

Ordered 2 items from the bar snacks menu: Buttery Top Shell Buttery top shell tossed in garlic butter & onions and Or Lu Lu Sotong Fried calamari dipped in black sweet sauce. Both were interesting choices for me as it was the first time I tasted a hot top shell dish. Most of the other top shell dishes I tried before were cold appetizers. The one at Wheeler’s Yard was sauteed in aromatic garlic butter. Next, the gravy of the Or Lu Lu Sotong made this one of the best calamari I ever tried. The chewy calamari, covered in a thin crispy batter dipped in the savory black sauce was flavoursome and amazing.

The Prawn Aglio Olio Succulent sea tiger prawns, garlic chilli flakes, cherry tomatoes & parsley pales in comparison to the 2 bar snacks despite the pasta being one of the Chef’s recommendation dish. The Or Lu Lu Sotong stood out more with its unique recipe.

If I stayed nearby Wheeler’s Yard could easily be one of my favourite drinking spots with its casual and spacious dining area.

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