E’spuma Lab

Was attracted to try E’spuma Lab cos of espuma: Spanish word which means foam, froth. The usage of foam is quite prevalent in molecular gastronomy, but Espuma Lab is not a fine dining establishment, it’s a casual dining eatery located in PoMo with set meal priced at less than $10.

Most of my colleagues ordered the Fragrant Rice served with Cajun Chicken Leg and Espuma Curry Sauce while I ordered the Garlic Spaghetti with Chicken Cutlet and Espuma Bacon Sauce. The set meal comes with a coffee/tea and a small bowl of soup.

Overwhelming consensus that the mushroom soup was too salty, although the soup was quite thick and had bits of mushroom. My spaghetti was missing the al-dente factor, tasted a bit rubbery. The chicken cutlet looked a bit over-fried or lacking a change of oil judging from its dark colour. At least the interior portion was still moist. The espuma bacon sauce was like a light gravy, still not too bad… Meanwhile, my colleagues were puzzled by the foam curry… it looked nothing close to foam, but more like blob of curry in semi-aqueous state. I’m not sure if its becos curry is a heavier sauce to be aerated? Cos we were all expecting some super airy, feather light texture instead. While the chicken leg was pretty ok, the espuma curry disappointed us.

Espuma Lab_01

While I appreciated the attempt to bring concepts of the (perceived-to-be) expensive molecular gastronomy dishes to masses, I feel that they should start with just adding espuma as a topping rather than using it as the main base of the food such as curry. The use of espuma, when used appropriately, can make a huge difference to a dish. An example of an excellent use was Esquina’s Sangria whereby they topped their sangria with sangria foam, adding texture to the otherwise ordinary drink.

I do hope they continue to experiment and introduce more interesting dishes incorporating hints of espuma elements.


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