Pince & Pints

The lobster-only eatery along Duxton road, Pince & Pints, was set up by the co-founder of now famous blogshop Love, Bonito. I think even before they are opened for business there is almost a guaranteed supply of customers from the supporters of the fashion label who would be spreading the news and creating the hype about this eatery.

When I first dropped by on a Friday night, the staff said they stopped putting people on the waitlist for that night because: “They have 75 guests on the waiting list already.” *ahem* 75?!what an insanely queue number! It was 8pm, with 75 people queuing, are the last few on the waitlist queueing for supper?!

The 2nd time when we thought of going, we decided to call them up to check out the situation first. The reply? They don’t take reservations for that night already, they don’t take walk in for more than 3 for that night. ??? Puzzled…

Anyway, we tried our luck and walked in to ask for a table for 2. Luckily this time they said the waiting time would take 20 mins. =) Perhaps cos its not on a weekend and we arrived at 9.40pm. With great estimation on the waiting time by the staff, we got our seats at 10pm (really can eat the Lobster as supper).

Most people might have heard by now that the eatery only has 3 dishes, all at $48 each:

  • Chilli Lobster served with Fried Mantou, Homemade Fresh Tomato & Chilli Sauce
  • Live Whole Lobster (Grilled or Steamed) Herbed Butter Sauce
  • The Lobster Roll

The last 2 served with Mesclun Salad, Sour Cherry & Balsamic Dressing, Shoestring Fries.

We opted for the whole lobster and the lobster roll along with a pint of beer, although the eatery name seem to imply we should be ordering pintssss?

Pince & Pints_01

Some people might feel that its not worthy to spend $48 for Lobster roll, cos you don’t get to see the whole lobster and you are half full from eating the bun; but I enjoyed the roll more than the grilled lobster. The bun tasted fantastic, it was soft and had a crispy light crust at the base. The companion sauce for the lobster roll was aioli sauce, different from the herb butter one used for the grilled lobster. The fries wasn’t as crispy as I would expect it to be. The grilled lobster was slightly dry and wasn’t as succulent as I was expecting.

If I am #75 in the waitlist, I would have @#$%&^% about how overrated this place is. But since I only waited 20 mins for my seats, I feel that it is still ok for the pretty good Lobster Roll (& its for the Lobster Roll ONLY, not the grilled one)…

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