Foong Kee Coffeeshop

Keong Saik street is an interesting street comprising of a myriad food scenes. From breakfast to supper, traditional to modern, chinese to western, coffee to cocktails, vegetarian to halal food. You name it, you could find almost all here. There are always new shops popping up…but sadly some of them also disappear just as fast as they appear…Thankfully, some of the traditional and established eateries remained the stalwarts of Keong Saik street, Foong Kee Coffeeshop is one of them.

This is not the first time I ever eaten their famous wanton noodle, but its the first time I visited them at the shop myself (had been enjoying the luxury of having people bringing takeaways for me). After this visit, I absolutely appreciate the efforts of the caring folks who used to tabao for me!!!! Despite visiting them at 2.30pm, I waited at least 30 mins for the wanton mee and roast meat…and the shop was not full, there were still seats available…I can’t imagine the waiting time if they were packed?!

Anyway this is not the only wanton mee stall that possess this alluring factor that can charm people to spend time waiting for a simple yet comforting meal. I had waited more than 1 hour for Chun Ji Wanton Mee at Stirling Road and that remained as my #1 wanton mee stall in Singapore (seems like they have closed recently).  Although not everyone will like the texture of the noodles which was slightly sticky and starchy, I fell in love with this texture.  Furthermore the dark gravy was flavoursome and unique, it has a fragrant umami that I can’t fathom what they used.

Although the texture of the noodles is totally the opposite of Chun Ji, Foong Kee has something in common – they both roast their own Char Siew.  Foong Kee’s char siew was also soft and tender, the dark gravy used for the noodles also had its unique flavour; just that the noodles at Foong Kee was fine and springy.

Other than the Char Siew, roast meat and roast duck were also made and sold at Foong Kee. I found the roast meat better than the roast duck. While the roast meat had the right proportion of skin, fats to meat ratio, the roast duck lost out in terms of its succulency. Certainly the star had to be Char Siew.

Foong Kee Coffeeshop_01

6 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089114
Mon – Sat: 11:00 – 20:00
Closed: Sun & PH

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