Kko Kko Na Ra

The EPL season had just started and what’s better than having Korean Fried Chicken with Beer while watching football? Kko Kko Na Ra just opened at the shop space along Tanjong Pagar Road (see bottom of post for exact address & tel). Its so new that when we were there, there were still opening flower stands displayed outside along the 5-foot way.

Ordered takeaway despite having available seats in the restaurant cos we wanted to catch football. Chicken Combo Set that comprised of 3 types available: Original korean fried chicken, Sweet & Spicy and Garlic Chicken. There is one more variety – Hot & Spicy Chicken available but not included in this combo set.

I particularly enjoyed the Sweet & Spicy version as it had a rose syrup taste amidst the slight spiciness; while the original fried chicken was the crispiest.

Thankfully the combo didn’t include Hot & Spicy chicken cos we had our share of spiciness from the ultra spicy Topokki. This was the spiciest Topokki that I had ever eaten…The rice cake had the right texture, but the gravy simply numbed my taste bud after eating half a plate…

Kko Kko Na Ra_01

68 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088489
Tel: 6225 9282

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