Mars Bar by Mixes from Mars [Closed]

Discovered that Mars Bar has happy hour (1-for1) from Sun-Thurs from 5pm-8pm. *Keyword was “Sunday”~ NICEEEEEE….perfect for “pre-monday blue” drinks…

As a prelude to a crappy Monday, you can drink your sorrows away by having the Chilli Crab Cocktail – “a feisty concoction” as said by the mixologist, giving me a warning when he took my order. It was an interesting drink, almost like tomato gazpacho with tobasco sauce. And I like it~

Up next was Duxton Swizzle a recipe featuring watermelon.

Mars Bar_01

The menu had what looked like hand-drawn pictures of the drinks, resembles that of Anti:dote (so who copied who?).

For the kidults, you can try Milo from Mars – a cocktail using Milo as base. For ours, the mixologist prepared it with Nutella. Comes decorated with a chocolate love-letter~

Lastly, Palawan Punch – a tiki drink named after the beach in Sentosa Island, featuring the tangy passionfruit.  Hopefully the passion can sufficiently fuel me to survive the coming work week.

Was chatting with the mixlogist when we got to know that they are preparing for the opening of another place in Red Dot Museum at Maxwell soon. Will keep a lookout for the new exciting place. Meanwhile, the drinks at Mars Bar will keep us returning back for more.

[Updates in Jul 15]

Mars Bar at Duxton is closed due to refurnishing of the hotel. Visit Hopscotch by Mixes from Mars at 28 Maxwell Rd, #01-04 Red Dot Traffic Building, Red Dot Traffic Building, 069120

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