SIFU is a relatively new eatery specialising in Hong Kong styled cuisines in Bugis Junction (took over MOS Burger’s premise). Having passed by it countless times, it never dawned on me to visit them cos they just seemed like another Hong Kong cafe styled eatery serving the usual “instant noodles” meal; until a colleague suggested trying them out during lunch.

I had the SIFU Signature Baked Chicken Thigh & Shrimp Dumplings Soup Rice Vermicelli. There was a choice of hor fun or rice vermicelli, but I strongly recommend going for the special rice vermicelli. The rice vermicelli was ultra smooth (its slightly thicker than normal vermicelli and texture was similar to mee sua) as it just slips effortlessly into the mouth and down the oesophagus. The shrimp dumplings were pretty nice and succulent but I had problems deboning the meat from the chicken thigh that was placed in the bowl full of soup…

My colleague had the same dish but the dry version with egg noodles. The noodles was slightly rubbery and we all agreed that the baked chicken thigh was slightly too salty.


Listed on their menu as their speciality were the Pork Ribs and the Signature BBQ Pork Bun so we ordered some to share. The pork rib was soft and glazed with a savoury sauce, quite nice. The freshly baked BBQ pork bun was rather small sized but had generous filling as seen in pix, the fillings filled the centre of the bun adequately. I didn’t try the custard bun (the one with some sesame at the top) but comments about it was also pretty ordinary.

Overall the quality of food here was slightly better than the casual chain of Hong Kong style eateries serving the run-of-the-mill dim sum and instant noodles. But nothing much to rave about.

200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction #01-69
Singapore 188021

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