Ibu Oka, Bali

Planned for a day trip to Kintamani (a highland area in the north of East Bali) and would be passing through Ubud. We finally got to eat the famous Babi Guling (suckling pig) on our 3rd trip to Bali. We made our way specially from Seminyak to Ubud for dinner at Mozaic Restaurant a few years ago but it was dark so we didn’t get to see much of Ubud town.

The driver – Ketut (facebook: ketutparmitayasa) whom we engaged to bring us around for the day sent us to Ibu Oka 1 – Jalan Suweta but the staff there directed us to another outlet nearby (just a short distance away) Ibu Oka 3Jalan Tegal Sari.  After we alighted at the drop-off point, we followed the signages and walked through a tiny alley till we reached the entrance of what looked like the backyard of a residential house.

Ibu Oka_01

We arrived at a huge dining hall and sat down at an empty table. The staff passed us the menu and took our order promptly. We were quite certain on what to order – Special Rice, fresh vegetable, pork roll, fried meat, sausage with pork skin at Rp45,000. There was another more expensive set option that comes with soup and the meat is placed separately from the rice at Rp70,000. I think it should be served with a bigger portion of meat.

Ibu Oka_02

Having heard of the raving comments from friends that says this shop serves the “best roast pork”, we had high expectations for the dish.  The pork skin was really crispy and made a crackling sound when I took the first bite. The pork meat was soft and tender. The rice soaked up with the savoury and rich gravy. Overall it was a great dish but I wouldn’t recommend people to travel 1 hr from Kuta all the way to Ubud for the sole purpose of trying this dish. For those already staying in Ubud, I guess it’s no harm trying this iconic Balinese dish. For me, we stopped by while en-route to do sight-seeing and felt that it was a pretty nice meal, perfect for a short lunch break.

After the satisfying meal, we are off to see rice terrace in Tegallalang and volcanoes in Kintamani.

Photos taken earlier:

Yan Yan SilverDriver asked if we would be interested to visit Batik shop, Kopi Luwak shop, Silver shop on our way to Ubud. We agreed to stop by a Silver shop and I got these earrings. Loved the woven trinket box used to hold the earrings.

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