Naughty Nuri’s Warung, Bali

After spending close to 3 hours travelling to & fro Kintamani, we were back in Ubud town for a short break. Was thinking we could spend some time to enjoy tea snacks while our driver could also take a rest. Given the short planning time for our trip to Bali, I didn’t had much time to read about eating options in Ubud. I happened read about this place called Room 4 Dessert on the internet and again coincidentally read an article on the plane magazine featuring about this happening place, so I snapped a photo of the address and asked our driver to fetch us there. It was written that they are located just next to Naughty Nuri’s Warung on Jalan Sanginggan and our driver was lucky enough to get a parking spot nearby.

We alighted and walked down Jalan Sanginggan – found Naughty Nuri’s Warung but couldn’t find Room 4 Dessert. Just when we were about to give up and returned to the parking spot, we realised that the old, lonely building right in front of our car is Room 4 Dessert! We had walked past this building thinking that it was an abandoned house…haha.  Unfortunately the life lesson of “Fail to plan, plan to fail” befall on me…the place is closed on Sundays & Mondays and most importantly they are only opened after 6pm~

Room 4 Dessert

Luckily Naughty Nuri’s is nearby and that’s how I ended up having the chance to try the other iconic dish of Ubud – Pork Ribs. It was already 4+pm and we had dinner plans at 8.30pm…despite knowing that we could be too full for dinner if we tried the pork ribs now we just couldn’t give up the chanced opportunity. In addition, the billowing smoke plus aromatic BBQ smell from the grilling racks placed right next to the walkway was simply irresistible. P.S Naughty Nuri’s got a branch in Seminyak, not necessary to travel all the way to Ubud unless you wanted to eat only at the original outlet. 

Naughty Nuris Warung_01

We ordered their famous pork ribs which cost Rp100,000 (S$10.50) for 1 slab, really affordable~ It was tender and juicy, coated with tasty barbecue sauce. I guess I wouldn’t mind trying the sate as well if not for the pre-arranged dinner in a few hours’ time…The onion rings we ordered were so-so, although the batter used was somewhat different from what we used to eat – seemed to contain higher proportion of flour. We missed trying the famous martinis here which is said to pack a punch.

Naughty Nuris Warung_02

With this we ended our exploration of Ubud and Kintamani for the day. Now to endure the terrible peak hour traffic back to Jimbaran.

Other photos taken earlier:

Tegallalang Rice TerraceBeautiful rice terraces at Tegallalang, really pleased to see the real thing after seeing the photos in my Geography textbook almost 2 decades ago. 

Mount BaturView of Mount Batur (Gunung batur) an active volcano at Kintamani area. I was so drawn to the volcano that my driver had to asked me to look to my right before I realised that there is a lake next to it with Mount Agung (another taller volcano) in the background. Enjoyed the cool weather up there. 

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