Sea Circus, Bali

Last day in Bali, we planned to go for a relaxing massage before heading to the airport. After leaving Bodyworks, we made a left turn and saw Sea Circus and decided to stop by for a quick snack. Though we passed by the place by chance as it was near our massage place, it wasn’t a random decision to try their food. In fact I recalled passing by this eatery several times while we stayed in Seminyak previously. The colourful glass panels facing the road were pretty eye-catching. The eatery must be doing quite well since they had been there for several years.

Tried their Spicy prawn tacos with mango salsa and Banoffee parfait with sweet yummy toffee, crushed cookies, bananas & whipped cream.

Sea Circus

The spicy prawns were served warmed and they were succulent and juicy. I liked the spiciness of the gravy used to cook the prawns. The banoffee was nice but quite ordinary.

Saw that they had a variety of tortilla wraps, tacos and quesadillas available. Wouldn’t mind returning to try their other food in future.

Left for the airport early in case we were caught in traffic jam, but lucky things went smoothly and we had time to spare at the airport. Decided to try a cup of Luwak coffee while waiting for our flight. The luwak coffee was rather bland and “thin”, guess some people might like it as it tasted less acidic than our usual cuppa.

End of holiday…

Luwak Coffee

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