Goodbye Lavender Food Square

Lavender Food Square had officially closed after 30th Sep 14, the place had been hoarded up quickly.

Went to savour the great food that was congregated at the food centre before each of them go their separate ways and relocate to new places. A few of the stalls shifted to a small new coffeeshop nearby at Hoa Nam Building, while some would be taking a break before deciding whether to continue their business somewhere else.

A collage of the mouth-watering dishes:

Macpherson Barbeque Seafood – Sambal BBQ Stingray, the stall will reopen at Balestier Market
Chong Pang Huat BBQ Chicken Wings – relocated to the coffeeshop at Hoa Nam Bldg
Miow Sin Popiah – will shift to Balestier Market
Carrot Cake (shares same stall as popiah previously) – will shift to Sing Hin Huat Kopitiam at Foch road
Whitley Road Fishball Noodle – no news [Updates on 4th Aug 2015] They will be opening in coffeeshop at Hoa Nam Bldg soon. Next to Kok Kee. [Updates on 20th Oct 2016] They are now operating in Foch road coffeeshop.
Albert Street Prawn Noodle – no news

The two of my most frequented stalls have not decided on their fate and no news of where they will be shifting to…

Lavender Food Square_01

Didn’t eat Kok Kee Wanton Noodle – long and slow moving queue, anyway they relocating to the coffeeshop at Hoa Nam Bldg[Updates on 20th Oct 2016] They have ceased operation at Hoa Nam Bldg.

Thankfully some of them shifted to nearby locations and I can still visit them but can’t enjoy the “gathering” of the array of wonderful dishes at one spot anymore.

[Updates in July 15]

Although I didn’t get to eat Kok Kee before they closed, I managed to visit them at their new location. =) They seemed to start their business slightly earlier now and somehow when I passed by the queue appeared shorter than before?

They serve the noodles in bowls now, which is better cos the noodles get a better coating of the savoury gravy.

Kok Kee Wanton Noodles_01


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