Bloomsbury Bakers

Bloomsbury Bakers is a small cafe at Boon Keng located along the row of shophouse units on the ground floor of the HDB flat. Given the limited choice of air-conditioned eateries in the area, this place is a good place to hang around after a quick lunch at the nearby hawker centre or coffeeshops.

Tried the Carrot cake, Lychee Martini Shortcake and Speculoos Cheesecake. The carrot cake has the right cream cheese frosting to cake ratio, but I didn’t see a lot of the grated carrot bits inside. I prefer those cakes whereby I can still munch on some carrots as it offers better texture. The sponge cake used for the lychee martini shortcake had the right texture but tasted rather bland if eaten without the martini-soaked lychee as the alchohol are all concentrated in the lychee. The cheesecake was the most well-liked item amongst the 3 and it’s no wonder that it is Bloomsbury’s signature item.

In a neighbourhood that has an exceptionally high number of bread shops, Bloomsbury Bakers probably is trying to get headwinds of first mover advantage. Although the pricing is comparably to other cafes, paying $4-6 for a piece of cake could still be considered to be rather steep to the working crowd around the area who can get a filling lunch over at the hawker centre for the same price (or even less).

Bloomsbury Bakers

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