Tippling Club

Have been looking for opportunity to visit Tippling Club since they moved from Dempsey to a more accessible location in Tanjong Pagar. Wanted to visit them for lunch for more economical meal but that would meant taking leave from work…Got the chance when I had to take leave on 14th Oct 14 in order to reach the new National Stadium in time to catch Brazil vs Japan International Friendly match =)

Arrived at the restaurant around 1pm and as with most fine-dining restaurants there were less crowd during lunch time. Although it was a 3-course set lunch, with 2 amuse bouches, 1 palate cleanser and petit fours included, the lunch portion was generally pretty filling.

We were first presented with Singapore Curry. The espuma curry was light and airy, topped with puffed rice. Second amuse bouche was Smoked & charred peppers with soy-wasabi. While I enjoyed the smoked and charred peppers which seemed dehydrated from the charring therefore making them crisp and light, the soy-wasabi was too salty for my liking. The provision of the stainless steel tweezer to eat the peppers was an interesting touch although I’ve experienced similar presentation while dining in Austria earlier this year (Chef Paco Perez).

Tippling Club_01
Palate cleanser was a test tube of Tomato gazpacho with basil essence a sip from the straw would send the clear tomato water up and infused with the basil essence inside. Now we were ready for our meal proper.

Starters: Foie Gras Pear and French Onion Gnocchi curd, pickled onions, sea herbs respectively. The foie gras pear required at top-up of $18, while the dish was pretty alright it just didn’t felt worthy of it. The gnocchi was great, perfect light and soft texture.
Tippling Club_02

Mains: Canadian Lobster dashi, kuzu noodles (top-up $20) and Barramundi spiced broccoli cous cous, curry emulsion. The lobster supplement was more value-for-money. Fresh and succulent whole lobster was served, the lightly seasoned condiments were sufficient to bring out the taste of the good quality lobster. Barramudi was also well-prepared, I particularly enjoyed the cous cous for its fluffy yet chewy texture. Since we were served the espuma curry as amuse bouche, it felt slightly boring for it to appear again in this dish.

Tippling Club_03

Desserts: Dark Chocolate & Orange Souffle ginger magnum and Yuzu Tart a la alex stupak. The dark chocolate & orange souffle was rich and light with well-balanced flavours. But our eyes were on the artfully decorated Yuzu Tart the moment the desserts were presented. We could smell the strong aroma of the black sesame crackers. The tangy yuzu tart was complemented by the sweet meringue along with the lingering nutty taste of the black sesame with each mouthful of this wonderful dessert.

Petit fours: Mango and cream with wafer, apple doughnut and chocolate orange peel.

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