The Alley [Closed]

At 3pm, it was definitely an odd timing for lunch. Most of the other eateries along Keong Saik have either closed for the day or closed for their afternoon break. Found The Alley that took over the premise of The Retrospective Restaurant, which was renamed to Bartini Keong Saik prior to adopting its current name. The premise changed a few names but not sure if its still operated by the same owners as majority of the interior layout remained similar. Most evidenced change was perhaps the menu and genre of food.

With a dinner event at 7pm, I was just looking for some snacks to fill my hunger. The sandwiches, pasta and side dishes here suit my needs. Had the Spam chips thinly sliced spam, fried to crisp and Seafood marinara (daily special) paired with 2 lovely drinks Alley tea refreshing mix of jasmine, green tea, passion fruit and French earl grey cold brew.

The Alley Cafe_01

The drinks were huge but the food portion was on the small side. I didn’t mind as I was just grabbing something to munch but it would not be filling enough as a proper meal. The Alley tea was a tad too sweet but I liked the mix of teas used. The sweetness of the Earl grey cold brew was  just nice and the drink was very soothing.

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