Finally took the effort to locate PepeNero and had a meal there during Restaurant Week. PepeNero is a small Italian restaurant housed in a shophouse unit. The interior was elegant yet cosy. We got a nice surprise from the restaurant as they served us a complimentary prosecco. Although breads were served, we were advised by the server not to eat too much of it as the portion of food for the dinner would be rather filling. Starter was one of their signature dish Oven baked layered eggplant “Parmigiana” with tomatoes, parmesan cheese and buffalo mozzallera. I enjoyed the dish despite not being a lover of eggplants. In fact from the way it was prepared, I couldn’t tell its made of eggplant, it was like a vegetarian lasagna.


First main was Homemade chocolate tagliatelle with gorgonzola and walnut sauce. This dish was designed in conjunction with Restaurant Week’s theme of “Chocolate” therefore the addition of chocolate to the tagliatelle. The nutty pasta sauce was rich and creamy; paired well with the choc tagliatelle.

We tried both the options for the Second main. One of which was Grilled beef tenderloin with baked potato cake with mushroom sauce while another was Grilled sea bass with pepenero sauce (tomato, olive, caper, anchovies and basil). I was pretty stuffed by the 2nd main course but still enjoyed both the mains. The baked potato cake had a crusty surface and was soft on the inside. The pepenero sauce was zesty with a tint of well-balanced sourness.


Original dessert included for Restaurant Week was Chocolate cake with wild berries sauce but we were also offered other options such as Tiramisu and Lava Cake. Tiramisu was perfect. Lava cake was very chocolately.

It was one of the most value-for-money restaurant week menu I ever tasted. Service was also attentive and warm.

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