The Study

Previously visited the establishment when it was “Keong Saik Snacks” but it has since revamped its menu and renamed The Study.

Was only looking for something light, so we stopped by The Study since it looked rather unoccupied. Only when we walked in then I realised that most of the tables were “Reserved” although we still managed to grab a table for 2 pax. It was easy to observe that most of the guests entered to ask for password to The Library or asking is there a bar next door? After having pre-dinner drinks, groups of mostly foreigners came over for their dinner.

We had a Beef burger, bacon and cheese, caramelized onion, triple cooked duck fat chips and Roasted squid, grilled scallops, white bean chorizo, saffron aioli. Not wanting to go The Library for drinks I ordered a Rye ‘n’ Air Rye whisky, ‘The Library’ sweet vermouth blend, peach, Campari, Absinthe, cabin pressure, cleared for customs. The description of the drink gave some clue to the presentation =) We were presented a bottle sealed with ziplock bag complete with the psuedo UK customs sticker.

The Study_01

I liked both the main dishes. The burger patty was cooked perfectly, the squid and scallops were fresh. My only slight complaint was the portioning of the Roasted squid dish, it was way too unsubstantial to be a main dish, more like a starter.

While we were there, we saw Chef Andrew Walsh came by (from Esquina) to check on the kitchen. Although both the eateries were run under the same group, the menu at The Study features British food while Esquina features spanish tapas. My favourite is still Esquina, both in terms of genre of food and its ambience.

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