Sodam Korean Restaurant and Bar [Closed]

Another new korean restaurant opened in Tanjong Pagar vicinity, this time in 100AM. Sodam Korean Restaurant and Bar is not easily spotted as they are facing the small lane. I got to know of this place when visiting the Izakaya next door previously. Seems like the place is known to many Koreans as when we were there, most of the guests were Koreans. They even have Korean service staff working at the restaurant.

Sodam Korean_01

Decided to go for a light dinner, only ordered a Bulgogi and a Spicy Tofu Soup. There was a beer promotion 1 pint of Heineken for $8++, quite a good deal. The type of banchan served here were pretty different from what I typically sees in other korean restaurant. Other than the kimchi, the rest of the side dishes were totally new to me. But I did enjoy the one with hotdog.

The food here has got a bit of fusion style in it. Oddly I can’t find Toppoki in their menu…or maybe I should say they don’t have street-food. The portion of Bulgogi was pretty huge, or rather due to my shrinking appetite, we struggled to finish the dish even though it was quite nice. Folks working nearby can drop by to enjoy their lunch promotions which I thought was rather value-for-money.

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