Chabuton Ramen, Singapore

On my 2nd attempt to visit Chabuton Ramen, Singapore at 313 I finally managed to eat their ramen. First visit was on a weekday during lunch hour, the sight of the queue made us opt for other choices as we didn’t have the luxury of time.

This time round, at an unearthly hour of close to 9pm for dinner, we managed to enter after a short waiting time of 15 mins.

Chabuton Singapore_01

Had the Chabuton Tonkotsu ramen in junior serving (a smaller portion than the normal size) and the Hitokuchi Gyoza.  After just a few slurps of the rich soup and a mouthful of the al-dente noodles, Chabuton Tonkotsu ramen quickly entered the list as one of our favourite ramen. The soup was not too oily, the char siew was tender and soft and the flavoured egg had a perfect yolk – gluey centre. I was less impressed with the Braised pork belly (Buta Kakuni), the meat part was not tender enough.

A small but thoughtful touch of providing baskets for people to place their bags under the chair was much appreciated by me. I always have problems trying to stuff my huge bag behind my back while dining at places with limited spaces.

I also noted that the service staff took into consideration the safety of customers and was able to handle difficult customers with tact. The staff asked the family with a toddler infront of me to wait for another available table as there was insufficient space to place a baby chair at the current available table. The family initially insisted on not giving up the table and wanted to place the baby chair along the path near the food collection point. The staff explained that it would be dangerous to do so and counter-proposed if they could allow their toddler to sit on a booster instead. The proactiveness of the staff in trying to solve the problem was commendable and the family eventually accepted the arrangement. I could foresee that it could turn into a nasty complaint had the staff simply skipped the family and allocated the table to the next in line without consulting and explaining the situation to the family.

These small little things adds up to a nice dining experience.

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