The Public Izakaya 2 by Hachi (Altez)

Discovered the new outlet of The Public Izakaya 2 by Hachi in Altez accidentally. Was surprised that they opened another outlet within such close proximity to the 100AM one. In fact I walked by the 100AM one before reaching Altez therefore was certain that they were still operating the 100AM outlet.

However the offerings at the Altez was slightly different from the 100AM one, hence I managed to try a few new items.

Hiyayako (Cold tofu), grilled asparagus wrapped with bacon, fresh oysters, buta kakuni (braised pork belly with egg) and grilled scallop with uni.

The braised pork belly was good. Flavoursome gravy and tender meat. The signature item at this outlet seems to be the fried meat balls but we didn’t order that.

The Public Izakaya by Hachi_03

The seating capacity at this outlet is much bigger than the one at 100AM and based on my observation the menu here has more cooked dishes whereas the former has more sumiyaki (grilled skewers). The air-conditioned seating area in Altez has more table settings suitable for larger groups.

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