The Prawn Star [Closed]

Haven’t had time to walk around Duxton Hill and I discovered that many new eateries had sprouted,  The Prawn Star is one of them. Although the restaurant features seafood, the item that left a deep impression was a simple snack – the Sriracha Caramel Popcorn.

Also tried the Lobster Poutine (shoestring & moreton bay bugs). The poutine is said to be a Canadian dish made with french fries topped with gravy and cheese curd.  Just to set expectations right, there weren’t much moreton bay bugs meat in it – just some small bits.

The Prawn Star

Enjoyed the TPS Grilled King Prawns in Signature Kimchi-Miso Butter the most. Prawns were fresh, the gravy was savoury and spicy.

Was torn between having Grilled Moreton Bay Bugs (black pepper butter) and Calamari “Yaki Udon” (and bacon). Ended up with the latter but we didn’t quite enjoy the dish as the gravy had a strong umami along with the bonito flakes, leaving a slight bitter after-taste.

Nonetheless, the popcorn & grilled king prawns were good enough to lure me for return visits (and maybe try the black pepper butter moreton bay bugs).

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