MK Gold Restaurant, Phuket

Sawadee-ka! Hello from Phuket, Thailand. After checking into our hotel, we walked over to Jungceylon Shopping Mall to enjoy our delectable lunch at MK Gold Restaurant. Didn’t had the chance to try MK Restaurant in Singapore nor Bangkok, so decided to try them out in Phuket. To me, the “Gold” is simply used to justify for the higher pricing, better service and maybe slightly better quality ingredients used.  Not sure about the normal MK restaurants, but the decoration at this MK Gold outlet was quite luxurious and elegant.

MK Gold_01

Started our meal with Fresh Coconut and Mango juice. Coconut juice is a must-try in Thailand~ Cooling drink which helped to sooth my tickling sore throat.

Similar to COCA Restaurant, MK specialises in Thai-style hot pot sukiyaki (aka steamboat). Ordered the MK Suki set and Seafood set – each set supposed to be for 1 person portion, but it seemed pretty filling as the MK Suki set comprised mostly of the fish-made byproducts along with a few slices of pork. I enjoyed the fish-shaped orange coloured (Salmon) cake, seaweed roll and wanton. The Seafood set included fresh salmon, mussels, cuttlefish, squid, scallops etc.

The most important ingredient for thai-style hot pot is their sweet chilli dipping sauce. Compared to the ones at COCA, I think MK’s version lost out as MK didn’t add the chopped coriander…hence was less fragrant.

MK Gold_02

No meal in Thailand can end without their Mango Sticky Rice. The sweet and bright yellow fruit served with warm glutinous rice was heavenly. Somehow the mangoes used in Thailand are all so sweet! Yum.

Another interesting observation made at the restaurant was their cleaning staff. They would routinely come out holding a basket filled with cleaning tools inside to inspect the floor. When they spot any litter or marks on the ground, they would kneel down and start cleaning up the spot. Amazed at how and the extend to which they maintained the cleaniness at the restaurant.

The meal cost close to S$100… not cheap at all and its not buffet….but we were satisfied with our first meal in Phuket (after a disappointing meal onboard the flight).  No complaints about the quality of the ingredients and service at all in MK Gold.

Photos from earlier the day:

My favourite Butterfly Pea drink was served as welcome drink at the hotel upon check-in.

Welcome drink butterfly pea

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