Savoey Restaurant, Phuket

After an evening stroll on the iconic Patong beach to see the stunning sunset, we crossed the road to have an early dinner at Savoey Restaurant. The restaurant is a well-established eatery that had 20 years history. We decided to eat here, despite the fact that probably all seafood in Patong are overpriced and too touristy, as we didn’t want to venture out of Patong area. Firstly, taxi service is by no means cheap on Phuket, most of the “local” seafood eateries are located in not-so-accessible areas on the island. Getting from one beach area to the next beach area cost 400baht onwards one-way (approx. S$16). Secondly, we wanted to end our day early and have a good rest for tomorrow’s long day.

Savoey Restaurant_01

The open-air restaurant had sheltered and alfresco dining area. We were shown to the sheltered area which had a bigger table for us to put our bags. At 7pm, customers had just started flowing in. There was live band performance at the garden area, luckily the music volume was well-controlled.

Ordered tropical cocktails to start our dinner – Andaman Sunset and Made in Thailand. Alcoholic beverages are generally cheap (compared to Sgp) even in restaurants, these cost ard S$8 for each. Luv my pinkish Andaman Sunset drink.

Savoey Restaurant_02

Same as many other seafood eateries in Thailand, the restaurant has a variety of fresh seafood on display. You can pick the item you want and tell the Chef how you want them to be cooked. We opted to try live lobster priced at around S$15 per 100 grams. Decided to go for Baked Lobster with butter and garlic sauce, thinking that with minimal flavouring we can taste the freshness of the lobster…Bad choice…the lobster turned out overcooked…The meat tasted as if the Lobster was a MMA fighter…full of tough muscles…the most expensive item (S$86) for our dinner turned out the be the worst dish for the night.

Thankfully we enjoyed the grilled snapper fish which was perfectly cooked, paired with the delicious spicy chilli dips! Grilled fishes in Thailand had never failed me so far, they are very good at controlling the heat used to cook the delicate fish as they can get burnt easily. The grilled fish was still considered acceptably priced for tourist (expensive by local standards) at S$24.

Completed our meal with Stir-fried morning glory and chilli in chinese sauce (S$10). For those not familiar with the term morning glory, its aka “kang-kong”.

Except for the lobster, the dishes were pretty good and not too expensive for Singapore tourist price. Of cos I believe the same dishes would cost much less at the local restaurants outside the “everything is jacked-up” Patong area.

Time for a short foot massage for 200baht for 30mins (300baht for 60 mins) at basement of Jungceylon – a shop called Montra before resting for the day…Chose to have massage at this shop after seeing the ultra comfortable lazy boy chair that allowed us to recline fully to rest =)

Photos taken earlier:

Patong Beach

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