The Crab’s House, Phuket

After having a bright and sunny day trip out to Similan Islands for the whole day, bad weather caught up with us just when we were heading for late dinner at The Crab’s House, Phuket. Despite having a brolly, the heavy rain with gusting wind made our search for the restaurant more difficult. In fact we took a total of 1.5 hours to find the place…which supposed to be pretty near Jungceylon Shopping Mall. Crazy as it sounds but sometimes you get drawn into trying to figure things out and time just flew by.

Even after conducting an AAR, we couldn’t figured out “what happened” that led to the helpless 1.5 hours find…First we relied on map 1 below. Braving the rain, we walked along the main road which seemed to have a different name (not Patong Sai 3 road, but Phanmeuang road on google). Without any other landmarks on the map, we stopped to ask a shop owner along the street after passing by Soi Sansabai for a long while. The shop owner told us there was no such place further down the road…so we turned back. *Turns out this unit is just 3 shops away from the actual restaurant!!!!* 

The Crab House_02

We tried to google again for other map that can help us locate the shop. Found the 2nd map (from The Crab’s House facebook) above which seem to show that the restaurant is in a small alley and not on the main road. Again it was a fruitless attempt….

Tried calling the restaurant, but nobody picked up the call…Tried asking cashier at nearby FamilyMart but was again told “No such place”…Called my local driver to ask and he said doesn’t know of the shop but he will check for me. At this moment I was thinking “Seriously?! Is this a phantom shop????“.

Searched the internet again to verify the address and chanced upon a website that said the shop was opposite APK. We saw APK along the main road – Phangmeuang Road earlier on~ That’s how we finally located the shop…Can you imagine our anger when we passed by the shop owner who told us “No such place” earlier?

By the time we got settled down for dinner, it was already 10.30pm…Ordered the Chilli Crab, Prawns with glass noodles and thai herb and Steamed Squid in Chilli Vinaigrette.

The Crab House_01

Thankfully the food here was really good (though it still doesn’t make up for the 1.5hrs merry-go-round search). The Chilli Crab was spicy enough, pretty close to Singapore version. The steamed squid blew me away, the vinaigrette was awesome and squid was soft & chewy. Luv this dish!!! The prawns were huge but the glass noodles weren’t that impressive (I’ve tasted better versions in Bangkok).

The meal cost S$88 (including 2 beers) which is quite reasonably priced to me. The food quality here is better than the seafood place near Patong beach we had the day before.

So here’s an map edited by me to include some landmarks near the restaurant to help others’ who may be keen to find the place. It’s about 10 mins walk from Jungceylon on fair weather…the heavy rain we encountered made the walking journey even longer…

The Crab House_yummydelight map.png

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