Kaab Gluay Thai Restaurant, Phuket

After staying 2 nights in the bustling Patong area, we are going to move to Kamala area to fully recharge and relax in a luxurious resort. Before leaving Patong, we headed to Kaab Gluay Thai Restaurant for lunch. The restaurant is located on Phrabarami Road, a main road which leads to Phuket town, the place is quite easy to spot. Our driver – Mr Bobby (+66 805362285) is well-aware of this eatery.

Ordered a few of our usual Thai fare: Clear Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai and Deep-fried honeyed chicken in pandanus leaves, deep-fried crab meat with pork & egg and a special order of Stir-fried Winged Bean. I was delighted to find them serving Winged Bean! I first spotted Herbed Salad with Winged Bean in the menu but requested them to serve as stir-fried instead. Winged bean is not commonly found in Singapore, I fondly remember eating it in Malaysia. Luv the texture of the winged bean – its a cross between French bean and Long bean.

Kaab Gluay Restaurant_01

The Tom Yum soup was filled with generous seafood, pad thai fried to a nice texture (not too gooey nor too dry) and deep-fried crab cake tasted good with their sweet thai-chilli dip. Everything at Kaab Gluay was perfect. It’s one of the cheapest meal I had in Patong area, paid S$28 (including 2 non-alcoholic drinks) for a satisfying and filling lunch. Will be happy to return anytime if I visit Phuket again!

Other photos of the trip:

Daytrip to Similan Islands arranged through “Mr Mark Tour“, services rendered by http://www.similanprodive.com

Similand Islands_01

Similand Islands_02

Goodbye Patong!
Splurged on a 2.5 hour spa/massage. Good service and facilities at Burasari Spa.

Patong_day 2_banana crepe

Yummy banana-chocolate crepe bought from the street hawker. Saw the stall owner opened a new packet of the flour mixture used to make the crepe. They used pre-mixes now hence not so much concern about hygiene. I tend to also observe the general cleanliness of the stall before making purchases from street stalls.

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