Sushi Mitsuya

Sushi Mitsuya opened about 1.5 years ago at Tras Street but it took me quite a while before having the chance to drop by for lunch. The seats at the counter was almost full when we entered the place, with some guests already finishing their meal. Similar to other Japanese sushi place, the counter was sleek looking and the whole place had a nice zen decor.

We opted for the Mizukagami set ($100) comprising of Appetiser, Assorted Sashimi, Assorted Cooked Dish, 6 piece Sushi Medley, a Makimono, Soup and Dessert.

Starting with the light Mountain yam, seaweed with bonito broth.  The mountain yam has a gluey, almost mucilaginous consistency which I typically don’t like. But this version was still pretty acceptable and refreshing. The mild broth brought out the delicate flavour of mountain yam.

Mixed scallop, fungus and grated radish was served next. Another stimulating bite-sized starter.

Sashimi of Mackerel/Sawara and ika/squid. One of the fish is not exactly raw as it seemed aburi, but I enjoyed that the most.

For the cooked dish, we were served Boiled cod fish with ponzu sauce.

Sushi medley started with Hotate, black salt, lime juice and yuzu – I continued to make my mistake of being too eager to start eating and didn’t managed to snap a pix of the first item! History repeats itself…it happened for Sushi Ichi too… =(

Remembered to do so from the 2nd onwards: Baby snapper, another aburi sushi, Chu toroUni and Anago.

Sushi Mitsuya_01

The sushis were reasonably tasty though not the super-duby fresh kind, but the rice-to-ingredient portion was great – each piece were of the right size. Finished with Negi-toro Maki.

Sushi Mitsuya_02

Broth was Sea oyster boiled in clear kombu soup which has a fragrant pleasing flavour. Ended with fruits dessert.

We had a bottle of Bijyohbu Junmai Ginjio and the first pour was filled into 2 different type of glasses for us to choose. One was chilled glass another was normal temperature glass, I was surprised that the same sake taste quite different when served in different temperature cups.

Overall I think the lunch set was pretty value-for-money as it’s more affordable (cos less premium items used) than the other big names serving premium sushi in Singapore.

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