Bosses Restaurant

Finally tried the mysterious Bosses Restaurant that was decked out in black wallpapers throughout the eatery in Vivo. The layout of the place made it difficult to see what is the ambience inside the eatery. I’ve passed by it countless time and had a vague idea that they serve Chinese food, that’s all I know. This time we took a brief look at the menu placed outside and decided to give them a try.

Wonderful appetizer of caramelised cashew nuts was served. Luv this. After seating down for a while in the rather dark dining hall I felt the glare of the spotlights from reflection off the table.

Opted for pretty safe dishes – Golden Prawns with Salted Eggyolk and Seafood Tofu.  The seafood tofu had a generous portion, we were pretty full from it. The prawn dish was also pretty ok.

Bosses Restaurant_01

To me, the quality of dishes here is about the same as Crystal Jade and Imperial Treasure, but the ambience is totally different. I felt its too dark for me…and not sure what is their specialty/selling point.

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