High tea @ The Landing Point, Fullerton Bay Hotel

After a slew of mediocre meals…I’ve really hoping to enjoy a nice High tea at the Fullerton Bay Hotel. This was the first time I visited the hotel that took over the space of the former Clifford Pier. Sitting in the spacious high ceiling hall, I recalled that going to Clifford Pier used to be an yearly affair when I was young. The pier was where we waited for the ferry to fetch us to Kusu Island. Back then the place was bustling with passengers, often hot and humid cos it was not air-conditioned. After the transformation, it became a cosy, bright and elegant dining hall called The Landing Point where high tea is served.

The Landing Point_Fullerton_01

 Only upon arriving then I knew that the high tea served here is actually a buffet high tea. All the items are refillable and we can even change the drinks during the course of the meal. There was a choice of 9 drinks included in the high tea set. Other more premium drinks in the menu are chargable separately.

One of the features of the high tea here was the inclusion of Asian flavours in the menu. Savoury bites included Kurobuta pork Kong Ba Bao with man tou, Chilli crab bao, Kueh Pie Tee, mini Po Piah wrapped in handmade nonya egg skin, nonya chicken curry & roti jala wrap, Bak Kwa jam sandwich, Hae Bee Hiam french toast and Otak sandwich.

The braised kurobuta pork used for the Kong Ba Bao was al-dente, slightly different from the soft and well-cooked ones typically used in the traditional version. But since they used kurobuta pork, it made sense to retain its texture. The deep fried man tou used for the chilli crab bun and the crab filling was somehow served pretty lukewarm. It would have been tastier if it was served heated. The Hae Bee Hiam toast brought back fond memories of my childhood. Cos I do ate this unique combination bread when I was a kid. Nowadays very few bakeries sell Hae Bee Hiam buns already. I still remember I used to buy them at a shop called “Sweet Ring” at Bukit Merah Central.

The Landing Point_Fullerton_02

As it was around Christmas period, some of the Sweet items were replaced with festive cakes and was slightly different from the normal high tea set. After comparing some other photos, I figured that the usual items were: Red velvet swiss roll, bandung macaroon, roselle linzer cookie, pear tart, buttermilk scone and tropical fruits scone. The items for xmas were Mixed fruit cake and Christmas fruit cake. Enjoyed the red velvet swiss roll and bandung macaroon.

Ambience at the hall was great, with soothing ballads by pianist-singer. For me the ambience at this place far outshine its high tea menu.  

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