Burger & Lobster – Soho, London

Started our day even before our hotel served breakfast, we only had a few pieces of bakery in the morning while we made our way to Warner Bros Studio in Watford for the Harry Potter studio tour. Left the studio at around 12 noon and made our way back to Central London to catch lunch. Was rather hungry by the time we reached Soho area, thankfully Burger & Lobster wasn’t that crowded anymore and we were shown to our seats promptly.

We wanted to try Burger & Lobster as the Singapore restaurant Pince & Pints had “borrowed” the concept from them. Even right down to the colour theme and decoration of the eatery.  While the Singapore eatery has a standardised pricing of S$48 for their mains, the London eatery priced theirs at £20. You get to choose from the 3 options available: The Burger, The Lobster Roll and The Whole Lobster. All mains served with fries and salad.

We tried the Lobster Roll and Grilled Whole Lobster with lemon and garlic butter. The serving was generous, much more value for money than the Singapore one…Despite having hunger pangs, we both struggled to clear our plates (or rather serving trays). The lobster meat in the roll was chunky, juicy and chewy. Paired with the soft and warm toasted brioche, the combination was heavenly.

Being a typical Singaporean who likes to enjoy fries with the chilli sauce, I was surprised that I enjoyed dipping the fries into the mayonaise provided on the table, sometimes in the butter sauce too. *I didn’t seem to miss chilli that much during this trip*

Burgers & Lobsters_01

Grilled lobster was less moist compared to the Lobster roll meat, but had an aromatic umami and slightly tougher meat. Oh yes, we did the touristy thing of wearing the plastic disposable apron which helps to protect our clothing from the bits of meat flicked around uncontrollably by the diners sitting opposite you while they feverously tries to dig out every bits of the succulent crustacean~

While I enjoyed both the versions, my preferred one was the Lobster Roll. Washed down the lobster with beers and we have recharged ourselves to continue the day~

Other photos taken earlier:

Harry Potter Tour_01

The journey from Victoria to the Studio took about 1.5 hours. Although there were eateries and cafe in the studio, we only sat down for 1 thing – Butterbeer. Did the touristy thing of posing with our butterbeer beard and of cos getting the souvenir tankard back home. =)

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